We all have the tendency to look back and think about what life would have been like for the heroes that we read about in God’s Word. With that same thought pattern we can also wonder what it could have been for those same heroes to live in the day of social media and instant communication. Would the message of Isaiah or Jeremiah been able to spread with LIKES and HEARTS, or with ANGRY FACES and multiple argumentative comments? Would the words and miracles of Jesus spread throughout the land so fast that the crowds would’ve been more vocal during the times of his arrest? We can play the scenario over and over, but the truth is that those individuals did not live in a day of social media. However, we do. Personally, I believe that it is a phenomenal tool to help advance the Kingdom of God, and yet it also creates a massive issue for many in the Prophetic. Due to this, I wanted to share 3 Essential Keys that I believe will bebeneficial for everyone in Prophetic Ministry.



1. Weigh the Word


Social Media drives us due to the fact that we can put our thoughts, location, pictures, videos, etc. immediately there for our friends and family to see. It is what we love the most about our technological culture. We live in the time of instant gratification. Sadly, it has become a breeding ground for wannabe Apostles and Prophets. Nearly every day, there is another word being released that is beyond ridiculous, and yet it garners a lot of feedback. Right or wrong, using social media to release a word is effective to the multitude.



When an individual receives a word that they believe has a prophetic message, it is very easy for a rush of anticipation to fill that person quickly. Thoughts of how to release the word, when to release the word, and where to release that word is running through their mind. Sadly, it is seldom the case that one will take the time to weigh out the effects of releasing that specific word. I realize that not everyone is guilty of this, but let’s face it, many are. It is essential that you take the time to understand what you are saying due to the reality of how many you are impacting throughout the world.



It is extremely important for you to take the time and simply ask yourself, how will this word affect those reading it online? Will it cause confusion? Will it cause harm? Is this a word of correction, and if so, should it be public? (Not every word of correction has a public mandate) Will this word encourage and edify the Ekklesia? Will this word cause rejoicing or rejection? After you weigh the word…



2. Submit the Word


Ok, let me be more clear when I say to submit the word. When you know that you have a prophetic word, then it’s essential that you submit that word to your Spiritual Father or Mother. Your Pastor, or any certain person who you are willing to allow them to hold you accountable. It’s really important that you take the time to allow others to judge your prophetic word. Granted I realize at this point every prophetic person is rallying to send me a message of how they just can’t sometimes send that word before it has to be released. Therefore, let me remind you that I am not talking about a word that you received in a prayer meeting, or a service that you were a part of. I am specifically talking about a prophetic word that you are about to release through social media.



You have to remember that the word you released in the prayer meeting isn’t reaching the multitude that you are going to reach through social media. Truth be told, if you truly have a prophetic word that you have weighed, then you will already know that there is a great measure to your word. Because of that measure, it should not be a problem for you to submit that word to your spiritual authority. If it is a problem in which you refuse to submit, then it may be time for you to sit down for a season. After submitting the word…



3. Honor the Word


For those who have served in some form of a branch of military, there is a certain code of Honor that they abide by while in service and even afterwards. Soldiers walk in honor, always respecting the branch of military and those that served in all branches throughout their entire lives. It’s that kind of honor that seems to be missing in a lot of prophetic ministries these days.



As Sons or Daughters of God, we are a part of the Kingdom of God. We don’t look alike, sound alike, nor minister alike, and yet we are all one body. Many in the prophetic have become reckless with their words (through social media). They release words that are for a certain individual on a very public platform. Often these words are dangerous, intimidating, and corrective. Most of the time those individual words of correction are being re-posted throughout social media and oddly enough, the person releasing the word has no personal relationship with that individual. Without remorse or regret, prophetic words are being blasted for the multitude to witness.



It is essential that you learn to Honor the Word before you post the word. What do I mean? You have to learn how to walk in the prophetic with honor. You can’t be a prophetic Rambo when you are a part of a Kingdom. When we have honor and respect for others, that is rooted in our foundation, we will be prepared to properly release a word through such a powerful tool as social media.



Final Thoughts…


I believe that if we will adhere to these 3 keys, we will begin to see an increase of prophetic ministry used effectively through social media. Instead of the controversy, negative feedback, and all personal subliminal attacks as status updates, we could see the Glory returned back to the Father. Yes, we are a voice that represents the Kingdom of God, but we must never use social media as a platform for personal promotion. In the right time, God will elevate those who are authentic.



Jesus is our greatest example of Prophetic Ministry. Never forget that Jesus never said anything until he heard the Father say it. Nor did Jesus ever do anything until he saw the Father do it. The Father, The Son, and Holy Spirit don’t have any social media accounts that is releasing what’s on their mind. However, they do have you who are Prophets and those who walk in the gift of Prophecy. The world is watching, listening, liking, sharing, and commenting.



“Look, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves.


Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” Matthew 10:16 MEV