Recently I had a dream that wasn’t long in detail, but very straight forward and to the point. In the dream, I found myself walking in a building that I knew was a church and I knew that I had never been there before. I was walking in the sanctuary when I looked down and noticed that a cockroach was moving on the floor. I remember seeing the cockroach and thinking to myself, just step on it. So, I began to pick my foot up in order to kill it, but at the very moment my foot was mid-air the single cockroach instantly turned into a very large group of cockroaches. It happened so quickly that it startled me, causing me to almost lose my footing. I immediately stepped backwards looking at this overwhelming amount of cockroaches. In the dream, I remember thinking that I just had to start stepping on as many of them that I could. Again I picked up my foot and this time the wildest thing happened. The cockroaches began to grow abnormally large. It looked like something out of a movie. These small insects now looked like they were the size of a small dog or cat. In the dream, I was now shook because of the size, but I quickly began to take my foot and do my best to kill them. One by one, I took every ounce of force that I had in my foot and began killing each one. As you can imagine it became a very big mess as the guts began to go everywhere. And then in the middle of it all…I woke up.



When I awoke, I quickly realized that this dream was very significant and not just another crazy dream from something that I had ate that night. Although it was a very short dream, it was very specific and almost life like. So, after spending some days praying into the revelation from this dream, I now have the understanding that this is a warning to leaders in churches. Please allow me to explain why I feel as though this is a very important warning.



The Building/Church


In the dream, I knew that the building I was in was a church, but it was one that I was not familiar with. There is a huge significance to the fact that although I was in the church, I believe that God is going to use individuals from the outside to address what has been happening in the darkness within the inside. Because I had never been there, but the cockroaches were revealed while I was there, I strongly believe that God is going to send voices from the outside to deal with what is going on in some of the churches across Nations. God is getting prepared to send in anointed sons and daughters (exterminators) to deal with the hidden darkness.



The church represents a reality that has been a problem for quite sometime. From the leaders all the way to the members, many churches have been overwhelmed with biblical error. Although this has been the case, I believe that’s why my ability to recognize that church is pointing directly to those who have no personal relationship or knowledge, to which that person could potentially be persuaded. There is a reality of reformation within this dream/word, as it was an outsider in an unknown church that will be the one to help clean up the house of the LORD. Granted I do believe that God will use Prophets to do much of this work, but I also believe that it will not specifically be limited to the Prophet. God will use whomever He chooses and those who will say Yes LORD.



The Cockroaches


It’s important to remember that the first one to appear was by itself originally, however there would be a multitude when the moment came for the one to be dealt with. Within the multitude the cockroaches would dramatically increase in size, almost supernaturally. Why would something like this occur?



I believe that God is going to use men and women to come into congregations with a message, an anointing, a specific purpose, and a direct assignment. When these men and women release the word that God has birthed within them, we will see an increase of the demonic on levels we haven’t yet dealt with. The cockroaches are a type and shadow of a demonic spirit. It will be because of the anointing that is within these men and women that it will begin to draw out the cockroaches (demonic activity) that has been happening in the darkness of congregations. There will be quick manifestations but soon afterwards there will be an increase of the demonic activity. When the time arrives for the men and women of God to properly deal with these demons (cockroaches), it will become very nasty.



People will get upset and there will be a mess to clean up. However, if there is anything that has been going on in the darkness, whether it be a Pastor, Deacon, Elder, Member, Visitor…it will be revealed. There is a house cleaning coming to the church.



The Opportunity


There is an opportunity of grace and mercy with God. I said it before and I will say it again that I believe this dream is a warning. Cockroaches are often discovered in dark, cool spaces, moving at night, and surprisingly they are attracted to light. We read the scriptures where the demonic were often drawn to the presence of Jesus. I believe that as it was then, it shall be again. God is using complete strangers to spiritually draw the hidden demonic activity in order to establish His Presence in houses of worship again.



Don’t allow what has been happening in the darkness to continue to go on. We are at a pivotal moment in the church as the Kingdom of God is pouring out more and more of His Glory. We are in the midst of a Great Awakening that will forever shift our history. As the reality of revival nears within our churches, we will continue to see the evidence of signs, wonders, and miracles. It’s within that outpouring that we will also realize that God is not going to allow the hidden things to continue. The LORD still values the call of repentance and honors the heart that is broken for His Glory. We cannot afford to allow the time to pass away and believe that God is winking at our sin. Although we live in a time of the Father’s Abundant Love, Grace, and Mercy…He is still LORD, and He still requires that we be holy because he is HOLY.



Whether you are a Pastor, Elder, Deacon, Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist, Bishop, Church Member, and/or anything within the church…I encourage you to deal with what must be dealt with and repent. No matter how big or how much potential damage could be done, I encourage you to repent…NOW. Don’t allow the desires of darkness to keep you away from the Light of His Presence. The greatest revival we have ever seen is on the verge of birthing an Awakening that will forever shift the Church into an abundance of Glory. Again, if you do not pay attention to the warning, it will only be a matter of time before the cockroaches will be exposed!