On Monday, July 20th I was speaking at an event in which I released a word that I had received a few days prior to that night (to listen to the word, click HERE and begin at 1:06:01). While in prayer I saw a newspaper (it was a physical paper), with the word EXPOSE written at the top where the headline would go. The newspaper did not say Exposed or Exposure, rather it simply stated EXPOSE. Also, underneath the heading of Expose was the following statement: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.



Now, before I go any further I want everyone who reads this to understand the meaning of this main (word) heading on the newspaper.


According to Merriam-Webster, Expose (as a verb) means:


– to deprive of shelter, protection, or care


– subject to risk from a harmful action


– to make known


– bring to light expose a shameful secret


– to disclose the faults or crimes of expose a murderer


– to cause to be visible or open to view


– to exhibit for public veneration


Exposé (as a noun)


– a formal statement of facts


– an exposure of something discreditable a newspaper exposé of government corruption


After taking the time to cultivate the vision that I had (prior to publicly releasing) through prayer, I felt the release from the Lord to speak the word (which was publicly spoken on 7/20). Due to sharing of this word I am now releasing the following in written form for others to pray into and determine whether or not this a word from the Lord. Pray, discern, seek, and ask the Lord about this specific word.



“Over the next four months there will be a season of EXPOSE. The Expose will happen with the good, the bad, and the ugly. In the season for the next four months, it will hit high-level politicians, governmental officials, local regions, houses of God, ministries, and individuals. The Spirit of the Lord says, I will release a season of Expose, not as a sign of judgment or punishment unto my people, but I need purity back in my people. The Spirit of the Lord says, I will expose what has been maintained, contained, and what has been hidden for seasons. For the Lord is saying that He will no longer tolerate the wicked one to reign and rule over the chosen ones. The Spirit of the Lord said that over the next four months He has given an opportunity to repent, to come back to Him, to fix our eyes back on Abba Father. It is not a season of judgment and punishment, but a season of redemption, restoration, and reconciliation. The Lord says, to deal with what is being Expose(d). Do not try to conceal it any longer. Deal with what is being revealed. The Lord will use you mightily, but He will not tolerate sin.”I heard the Spirit of the Lord say,



Honestly, I do not know what this is going to look like (exact details) for everybody and/or specific events. (Side Note: On July 21st, GOP Ohio House speaker arrested in connection to $60 million bribery scheme) I don’t know what that will look like governmentally and/or politically. It is my prayer that the sex trafficking ring and everyone involved with this agenda will be exposed in this season. It is my prayer that corrupt politicians will continue to be exposed. It is my prayer that our personal jealousy towards our brothers and sisters in the Lord will be exposed. It is my prayer that our bitterness, our envy, our hatred, our racism, our unwillingness to be obedient, and our unforgiveness towards anyone will be exposed. I do find it funny how we will celebrate certain things being revealed, until the moment that it comes to our house. We don’t have a problem with the expose of sin as long it is happening in the lives of others. When it comes to us, it’s then that we suddenly decided to take a social media fast (LOL), because we don’t want anybody to find out what we have been tolerating. Please hear my heart. I am not pointing the finger at anybody, as I am pointing the finger first to myself. I cannot release this word and refuse to believe that it isn’t something that I must also adhere too.



I am not sharing these things to scare you, and/or cause you to go into some kind of panic and/or fear. There is a fear of the Lord, but it is a Holy and Reverent fear of the Lord. It is not a fear in which you are afraid to commune and have a relationship with Him. The fear that keeps you from the Lord is from the enemy, which is full of lies and deception. But, there is a Fear of the Lord. We live in an era where people rarely take the time to tell you the truth out of a fear to come across as offensive. I am not that person. It is my love for you in which I will share truth with you, even if it offends you. God will not tolerate habitual sin. Gossip…slander…these are just some of the things we think little about, yet is often a part of who we are. I know that we love to say that all sin is sin, but the truth is that all sin is not equal to all sin. The Bible gives us detail about the differences of sin from the ones that the Lord hate, to the identification of sin that is an abomination to the Lord. I am in no way implying that you are to be perfect. Perfection is not the goal. However, you can learn how to live a life that can be perfected through Christ, our Lord, Jesus.



The biggest takeaway is that the word, EXPOSE, is not a past tense word. In other words, it’s not something that has occurred, but is currently occurring. I want to encourage you to take the time to reconcile yourself with the Lord. Personally I do not believe that the Lord is going to Expose things for the sake of bringing you and/or others down, simply because He can. This season is for you to reestablish the purity of our your heart, soul, and mind. Even in the revealing, the Lord is using this as an opportunity to be reconciled with Him. Think of David in the timing of being exposed by the Prophet Nathan. The Lord did not use the Prophet to bring shame to the King, rather the Lord used the Prophet Nathan to bring an opportunity of repentance, reconciliation, and redemption. There is a beckoning call unto the people of the Lord to come back to Him. The Lord is going to use whatever means necessary. The question will be whether or not you allow the Expose of others to reveal what is hidden within you, or will it take your own Expose before repentance is the answer of your heart?