We are in a pivotal moment in the day of modern Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry. We have embraced the idea that God is not through with Apostles and Prophets, yet we have devalued the importance and value of the Pastor, Evangelist, and Teacher. We have become obsessed with the next great prophetic release, but failing daily to cultivate the last fifteen words released over our lives. Driven by social media, popularity, attention, and self-gratification, we seldom see leaders demonstrate humility and holy reverent fear of the Lord. There is a line that is quickly emerging in the Body of Christ that is rightly dividing the Word of truth. Eager to be called out by name, address, family members, and more, we have more anticipation for a quick fix word than we do in the foundation of the promises of the Lord found in His Word. We went from super-star TV ministers, to men and women who can’t seem to bring the word of the Lord without an entourage protecting the man or woman speaking. Rarely are we witnessing Apostles who walk in humility, but those who give more attention to their stage appearance attire. We are cultivating a generation who know more about hashtags than the word itself. Many today refuse to walk in the way of the Lord because they need to remain on the fence of doctrine so that they can gain influence among those who embrace Biblical error. Creating a brand has become more important than transforming into the image of Christ.



I admit that my own frustrations have been increasing, yet my grievances have also increased within the multitudes of error within the Body of Christ today. At times I want to overturn the tables and drive everyone out with a whip, but then those same individuals are the ones that I find myself weeping over. While in prayer, the Lord reminded me of the sons of Samuel. Samuel was a very strong and trusted Prophet of the Lord. Not only was he a Prophet, but he was also a Judge, and a Priest. The Bible tells us that his words never fell to the ground (1 Samuel 3:19) implying that he was accurate when he spoke on behalf of the Lord. However, Samuel was a father to two young men who did not walk with the integrity of their Father.



Joel and Abijah


“Now it came to pass when Samuel was old that he made his sons judges over Israel. 2 The name of his firstborn was Joel, and the name of his second, Abijah; they were judges in Beersheba. 3 But his sons did not walk in his ways; they turned aside after dishonest gain, took bribes, and perverted justice.” — 1 Samuel 8:1-3 Samuel judged over Israel in the area of Ramah, while his two sons were in Beersheba, in the southern areas of Judah. Because of their location, Joel and Abijah served far from their father’s eye. Due to the character and integrity of Samuel, Joel and Abijah knew that their father (Samuel) would disapprove of their actions. It was because of loose supervision that their “judging” led their corrupt natures to become very obvious. The corruption of Joel and Abijah consisted of three major problems:


1. They turned aside after dishonest gain


2. They took bribes


3. They perverted justice



Joel and Abijah did not have the heart of service and dedication like their father. Ultimately these two sons were hirelings. They quickly became more concerned about their own personal lifestyle. They needed to discover ways to create financial gain. Though we know very little about Joel and Abijah, we can understand that they began to view ministry as more of a job, and not as a higher calling to serve the people of God. From a seat of authority, their judgments were soon based on self-interest and not the word of the Lord. They showed themselves to be corrupt and more concerned with supporting their way of life rather than serving God’s people. They evidently had a very selfish love that was driven by profiting from service of who they should have been. This did not go hidden from the eyes of the Lord. They were judged by God and their corruption led to the fulfillment of Israel’s desire for a king rather than a Judge.



I Heard the Lord


It was during prayer that I heard the Lord say that the Sons of Samuel will be Exposed. I heard the Lord say that over the next 15 months He will begin purging many within the Body of Christ. I heard the Lord say that He is giving the Sons of God a window of repentance for their wicked and deceptive hearts. I heard the Lord say that He yearns for their purity to be restored. I heard the Lord say that He will permit a season of repentance for those who have embraced the heart of Joel and Abijah, over the heart of The Father. I heard the Lord say that He will then expose those who refuse to weep over their wickedness. I heard the Lord say that He will expose and remove those who have embraced a life of dishonesty, bribes, and perversion. I heard the Lord say that He will not tolerate those in authority to continue to be in positions of authority, but use that authority as a scale of injustice for their wickedness. I heard the Lord say, Ryan…tell my sons that I will expose and remove, but I will restore the heart of the Father. I heard the Lord say, Ryan…tell my sons that the time to repent is now, and if they refuse to turn from their wickedness, I will make them a public spectacle in all of the land. I heard the Lord say, Ryan…warn my sons that the hour of exposure is drawing near, yet my heart for them is granting them the time to choose this day who they will serve. Will they continue to feed their fleshly desires, or will they be fed by the desires of my (Lord) heart?



15 Months


I began to weep as I feel the heaviness of the fear of the Lord. I urge everyone who is reading this word to sincerely evaluate the posture of your heart. I do not fully understand the time frame in which the Lord specifically spoke of when He said fifteen months, but I know that He did reference this exact number. How long is the window of repentance? I am not sure. Will the exposure come after the 15 months, or during that time frame. Honestly I do not know. However, I do know that the number 15 in Hebrew is written with two Hebrew letters: yod-hey. These two letters signify the hand of Holy Spirit, giving a new direction in life. Fifteen is the number of New Direction. Psalm 15 describes one who is entering God’s rest when we dwell on God’s Holy hill. This is a new direction from the normal walk of man. With this particular scripture we also have an understanding that fifteen can also mean rest. A place or time, in which we enter His rest.



It is my opinion and not necessarily a thus sayeth the LORD, that the window of repentance is within the 15 months. This would also mean that the exposure is within that time frame as well. This would mean that over the next fifteen months we should see many individuals publicly repenting for their wickedness, manipulations, and deception. We will see those who reject the return unto the Lord, and therefore we will see the public exposure of their fall. Those who reject the Lord will also be brought before the Lord on a public stage in which He will judge their wickedness and remove them of their duties. The Lord will not strip these individuals of their Sonship with Him through Jesus, but He will expose them through their removal. Please hear the word of Lord and draw nigh unto Him! The day of ministries who are hirelings is rapidly facing judgment from the Lord, yet He is also laying out a time of redemption for their lives. The Lord will no longer tolerate those who have prostituted the ministry for selfish gains, popularity, and fame. The hour of ministers who refuse to have integrity about what they say and do to others is quickly closing in. The Lord is not going to continue to see His Bride be infected by the lies, manipulation, and deception of those who have embraced wickedness. Please hear the word of Lord. Repent, Redeem, and Renew through Him!