Recently while on the phone with Darla Martini (The Hub, Central Arkansas Worship Center), we were having a conversation concerning Honor, Respect, and what is happening within the Body. Darla was sharing with me how individuals who once were a part of her life in ministry, but had separated through the years, were now reaching out to her. As I listened, the LORD spoke to me and said, “The Brothers are returning to Jospeh”. God then began to give me a Prophetic download concerning the coming restoration of the former, for the Glory of the latter.



In Genesis 42, we have the first return to Egypt with the brothers of Jospeh. Famine had hit the region and the effects were devastating. It would be the first time that Joseph had seen his brothers, who many years prior sold him into slavery. Joseph had been through some extreme difficulties there were not his fault, but it would one day position him for a time that would bring Glory unto God. Joseph would go from the pit into slavery and from a position of authority into prison. From prison, he would eventually be granted another position of authority, but this time he would be the second in command of all of Egypt. When the brothers return to Egypt seeking grain, Joseph would recognize his brothers, but he would remain hidden as he put them through a rigorous test and questions found in Genesis 42-44.



The LORD spoke…


“The Brothers are returning to Joseph. I have many who have suffered the cost of being my servant. I have many who have done what was right, but be sold out because of jealousy. I have many who have served me no matter the devastation, but have often found themselves in prison cells. I have many who have said YES to me, but at the moment of potential freedom, the lies and manipulation have kept them in the depths of prisons. These that have been my Josephs’ have lived a life that has been dedicated to my Glory. I am positioning them in promotion. Their time is near as I am moving aggressively in restoration. The time of Promotion for Joseph is near and with this promotion I will restore the relationships that were broken. I am causing the brothers to come back to Joseph. In the midst of a spiritual famine, the brothers are returning because I will use those like Joseph to restore the family of God. I have not punished you. I have not abandoned you. I have positioned you to receive the brothers of the former as the restoration will release the portion of promotion. There will be favor returned to those who come back and there will be increase added to those who are willing to receive the brothers of the former. The latter Glory is upon you and I am releasing Favor and Increase.”



Have you Wept?


After receiving this word from the LORD, my own mind began to think of the hardships that I have had to endure. The trials of enduring lies, manipulation, and financial loss. The moves from one location to another. The temporary moments of freedom, only to find myself back within a prison. As my mind went through memory lane, the LORD spoke to me again and asked, “Have you wept for your brother? Will you weep for restoration?” In all honesty I have wept, but I have wept for me. I have wept for my wife and my children. I have wept for those in the church and other ministries. However, I have not wept for my brother (and sisters) who brought about the chain of events that forever shifted my life. I had forgiven the individuals and done so quickly so that I wouldn’t harbor any unforgiveness or hatred towards them. I even went through deliverance so that unforgiveness would not get a hold of me. And yet, God was asking me if I had wept, and was I willing to weep.



Truth is that there are people in the Body of Christ who will sell you out. Whether it’s over jealousy, envy, or hatred…they will do you wrong. But, here is the kicker…because they are a part of the Body of Christ, God loves them and wants to use them. It’s very easy for us to categorize them as those who never truly knew Christ. And that may be the case, however we must not be the determining factor to decide what is between them and The Father. What God is wanting to know is whether or not we are willing to weep over them when they return in their famine.



The Famine will Direct the Return


The brothers found themselves in a natural famine, but unknown to them Joseph had been made aware of this famine prior to it developing. Joseph had prepared the land for the 7 years and by this time the word would be known that Egypt had portions that could help families. So Israel (Jacob) tells his sons to go to Egypt to ask for grain. It would be easy for us to say that the brothers never intended to go to Egypt to restore their relationship with Joseph. They had no plans for repentance and forgiveness, they were simply looking for something to eat.



Many who have done you harm aren’t always going to come back into your life because they are seeking forgiveness. Like the brothers, they are going to return because of a famine. They are starving in the land and they are needing food. Granted, I am not talking about eating in the natural as I am saying that a spiritual famine has invaded their territories and they are looking for the grain in which they can survive. The (Spiritual) Famine is going to direct their return to you. Like Joseph, you have remained dedicated to the LORD. Although sold out, imprisoned, lied about, manipulated, and so much more. You have remained faithful to the LORD! Your faithfulness to say YES, no matter the pain that it caused you, you stayed true to the LORD. God is positioning you for your promotion and with that Promotion there will be restoration. There is a unique opportunity to increase the abundance over your life and what you are willing to weep for (over) you will see the favor of the LORD releasing an outpouring over your lives.



Releasing of Provision


In Genesis 45 we read where Joseph is finally revealed to his brothers and how he wasn’t ever destroyed, rather he was elevated. My question to you (the reader), if you are the brothers, are you willing to repent for the things that you did? My question to you (the reader), if you are Joseph, are you willing to receive the brothers back into your life? Relationships will never be the same as they were before, however, there can still be restoration for the releasing of the Provision. When damage has occurred within relationships, forgiveness can be applied and received, but the relationships will never be what they once were. It’s a reality that we have to understand. Although this is the case we can still receive those individuals in our lives. Why? Why should you or I receive them back? It’s really simple…There is a Famine in the land. You cannot be a person who professes that you want revival, but you’re not willing to release the provision for revival. When you are like Joseph you have to remember that God didn’t promote you to keep you elevated above others for self-gratification, rather your promotion is for the provision of the latter.



The Father Arrives


In Genesis 46, we read the beginning of the return of The Father Jacob (Israel) returning to see that his son, whom he loved, in the land of Egypt. This is an amazing story of how a Father never gave up on his abandoned son. Although this took place naturally, this is a type and shadow of what God is going to do in the spirit. When Joseph receives the brothers it creates the opportunity for the Father to return. Not only return but to settle in the land. The difference between the former and the latter is just that. The former had moments of the presence of the Father, but the latter is going to open the door for the arrival of The Father. Do you understand that The Father is coming to dwell in His Glory? Whether you are a brother or you are a Joseph, it should be the desire of our hearts to see the Father arrive. Get Ready, The Brothers are Returning to Joseph!