Like many of you, I cannot help but have my attention being drawn to the recent outbreak of coronavirus. The news of it is everywhere and definitely seems like the only thing that people are talking about. Beyond the virus itself there is a growing sense of fear, panic, and overreacting among many individuals. There is a very real aspect of the virus as real individuals have come into contact with others who are carrying the virus, and as a result they have contracted the virus with mild to serious implications. Sadly, many people around the world have died as a result of the virus. I want everyone to understand my heart and my intention with what I am about to share, as I am in no way implying that there aren’t real implications to the virus.



Recently we gathered together to pray concerning the outbreak of the virus. Naturally we prayed that this virus would cease, we prayed against fear, we prayed for wisdom and knowledge, and we prayed for much more concerning this virus. While in prayer I saw an image of something that I have not seen since I was a little boy. I’m old enough to remember when there was only 3 channels on the television. When the President addressed the Nation, you had no other choice but to watch and listen. I remember when the tv stations went off the air and the static came on. I remember when the National Anthem came on in the early morning hours with the American Flag waving in the background of the Statue of Liberty. I also remember when a very distinct sound came on with an image that stated, “This is a Test, This is Only Test”. During that night of prayer with other leaders and members from our local church, I saw that image from my childhood. I distinctively heard (in my spirit) that sound with the words, “This is a Test, This is Only a Test”.



Many days have passed since the prayer meeting, and I have carried that image in my spirit seeking the Lord for understanding to what I heard and saw. After much prayer, I heard the Spirit of The Lord say that this is a Test. The coronavirus is only a test. When I heard that I sought The Lord for more clarity and He began to show me two aspects of this being a test…



1. This is a lab-created virus in which has been released as a testing phase for the potential of a global biological warfare. Early testing prepares for a future strategy and attack.



2. This is test to reveal how we (as the Body of Christ) will respond to this type of warfare. Will you embrace fear, or will you embrace the Blood of Jesus?



By no means should we ignore the practical steps of washing our hands, practicing good hygiene, and/or refraining to visit certain locations that have high rates of confirmed cases. We must all be practical whenever things like this occur in our lives. However, we must also recognize that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. The coronavirus is revealing that many within the Body of Christ will proclaim that God Heals, God Delivers, and God Protects while in church on Sunday, yet they quickly embrace the panic and fear that is often propagated in times like this, and especially through the media. I am witnessing it everyday as people who will often plead that blood of Jesus are now embracing a very real fear surrounding this virus. I believe that The Lord is allowing the Body of Christ to be tested in this midst of the outbreak. Will you embrace fear and/or panic, or will you embrace the declarations we find throughout the Word of God in the scripture. God is not the author of the coronavirus, nor is He sending this virus to make individuals sick in order to make a point. However, He will permit this to test our faith in Him. You cannot declare Psalm 91 in the morning, and be fearful throughout the rest of the day/week. The spirit of fear is an enemy to you!



I strongly believe that this is only a test. Why? A couple of years ago I shared a dream that I had concerning President Trump and China. Some agreed with my interpretation of the dream, while others where denying the possibility of the dream. Nevertheless, I am at the place where I believe the coronavirus is a piece of the puzzle concerning the dream from Sept. 2018. Ultimately, I believe that the dream was within the timeframe of President Trump’s second term, possibly in the final year. Through my interpretation, I believe that China played a huge role in the deconstruction of what President Trump established during his two terms. Because of that dream, and the image/sound I heard during the prayer meeting…I am convinced that this is only a test. I believe that this virus is a process from China to test a potential of biological warfare. This type of warfare would impact the political and economical landscape of the United States. So much so, that it would affect the second term of President Trump resulting in the next election for 2024. Everything that has been accomplished through the current President could be eradicated through the next elected President (after a two-term President Trump).



It is not my goal, nor my purpose to create any fear, panic, and/or chaos concerning the potential of a greater threat in the years ahead. I am sharing this as a reminder to you, as a Son/Daughter of God, to proclaim the Word of God over your life and your family. Do not embrace a spirit of fear. Do not panic and/or overreact. Plead the Blood of Jesus and declare His Righteousness. Believe in The Lord for He is your Shield. Don’t let it be words that you simply say to sound spiritual, but live the Word in which you declare. I also remind you to pray into the possibility of this only being a test. If I am wrong, I am wrong. However, you can pray and determine through Holy Spirit whether or not this is what The Lord is saying. If China is using this as a test for a one day strategy, then we now know to pray for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to give the Body of Christ the better strategy to overcome the plans of the enemy (against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places). God is bigger, greater, and more powerful than any virus!