“Transformation is coming to those who have been Contending. It’s coming to those who have been hidden, and been consistent for their region. There have been those who have yet to fully embrace the reality of transformation as the process has appeared constraint. However, it’s because of the consistency they will see the manifestation of a metamorphosis. The atmosphere doesn’t look right. The darkness seems to be all around. The intensity of the fire seems too cool for anything to ignite. But know this, I am releasing the breakthrough of Transformation. The time is now.” (A word I received from the LORD on 8/9/16)



Butterflies Everywhere


When I am not on the road traveling to speak at different churches, events, etc., I work for a Lawn Care company. Yep, when I am not ministering away from home, I am on a mower or running a weed eater here in Alabama. On Tuesday (8/9/16) we were working in many different locations (12 hour kind of day), and I kept noticing that everywhere we were working that butterflies seemed to be all around me. At first I didn’t think too much of it, but after seeing multitudes of them I began to pay a little more attention. Typically I never see butterflies. It’s just one of those things that I rarely notice. However, on this day they were noticeable.



From location to location, there were many upon many flying all around me. It began to seem odd to me that they were out on this particular day as it wasn’t a beautiful day. It was a very cloudy day. Dark clouds rolled throughout the skies all day long. Wind constantly blowing heavy at times as the sun broke through, but only lasting for seconds. Rain would come and go. Never a major down pour, but it did rain off and on. It just seemed like one of those gloomy days that people often get down on. Dreary, wet, and dark would best describe it. Yet, butterflies are everywhere.



OK, I am listening


After seeing around 40-50 butterflies, I began to figure out that God was trying to show me something. Yes, some days it takes that much to get my attention. Why on the lawn mower I began to ask God to speak to me concerning these butterflies. “LORD, what are you trying to say to me? LORD, I am listening”.



Not long after saying this, the LORD began to download the words above with a very visual image of everything that He had spoken. I was reminded of how butterflies go through the stages of metamorphosis. I saw how a caterpillar goes into hiding through a cocoon period in order to begin the process of transforming. I was reminded of reading about some of these things through the writings of Dutch Sheets. As this is all unfolding, I began to look around the sky and try to tell the Lord how it’s not the kind of day that butterflies would be in. You know, by now I was a butterfly expert (pure sarcasm here).



That’s when it all became very clear. Not just with what I was seeing, but with what I was hearing. I heard the LORD speak the same thing to me again, but this time I heard it with more clarity than before. When the words were spoken again, the images of what He had previously shown me became more vivid.



Transformation is coming


There have been many who have spent years in prayer. You have answered the call of intercession. You have contended for revival and awakening for your city, in your region. You have been contending for a long time. You haven’t followed a pattern of “do this and you’ll see this”. You have simply contended. Those around you have tried to convince you to give up as the world continues to grow dark. Storm clouds are approaching all around you. It’s been a long season of dreariness. No one has expected to see anything beautiful come out and take it’s flight. However, you have contended. You have been consistent. Although you feel like you have been hidden, you are about to be revealed.



Get this though…It wasn’t just one butterfly, it was multitudes. The Lord spoke to me and said, “Son, I am releasing the beautiful in the midst of the storm. Watch as transformation will become the evidence of many regions. There have been those in the process that are taking their place to fly.”



I am Declaring


After all this, I strongly believe that the LORD is just beginning. Therefore I am coming into agreement with HIS spoken word to me and I am declaring that towns, cities, regions are going to magnify a tangible transformation. Is this going to be spiritual, absolutely…it’s called Revival, Awakening, and Reformation. Is this going to be physical, absolutely…towns that have been desolate will come alive again with business. The local churches, revival hubs, apostolic centers, house of prayers…they will begin to see the people of their towns/cities cry out to God again. Unity is coming because competition is being overthrown. Each aspect of these regions will represent the different butterfly, but each aspect will be unified, regardless of what appears to be storm clouds on the horizon. I am declaring that God is calling forth those out of the cocoon and into your destined identity.



It’s important that we recognize the simplicity in this natural demonstration of what He did on this day. We cannot afford to keep looking upon the atmosphere of what the world is saying is going to happen. We have to come into agreement with what He has already declared, and what He is going to declare in the midst of the storm. Some of our greatest opportunities are hidden within the midst of a storm. We can never learn how to get out of the boat without the storm. I know what the world looks like, and how our culture has gone into what seems to be despair. However, God is still God and He is still the author of all things. Know that HE is not yet finished. He has not yet closed the book on the nations of the earth. Keep on Contending, Keep on Cultivating. We shall see the Goodness of God revealed in ways that no man could ever take credit for.



The best of God is still yet to be revealed. Don’t give up, breakthrough is coming to you and transformation is coming to your region.