It was now about the sixth hour, and darkness fell over the whole land until the ninth hour, because the sun was obscured; and the veil of the temple was torn in two. And Jesus, crying out with a loud voice, said, “Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit.” Having said this, He breathed His last. Now when the centurion saw what had happened, he began praising God, saying, “Certainly this man was innocent.” (Luke 23:44-47 NASB)

There have been many to have released a prophetic word, a vision, and/or a sermon about the time frame that we are currently a part of. From time to time there will be those who simply ask, where do we stand on the timeline of God? Are we in the end days now? How much more time do we have until it all falls a part or ends? Is there even an ending or will things ultimately get better? The questions and topics seem to be never ending, and no matter where you stand on the idea/topics there is an evident reality that we are witnessing the beginning of a Third Great Awakening. Revival is clearly making it’s mark in many different regions throughout the entire earth. Local Churches and their congregations are experiencing a genuine outpouring that is shifting entire communities. It’s the manifestations of these revivals that is launching the identity of a Third Great Awakening.

I know, it’s sorta difficult to embrace such a thing as Revival establishing Awakening…especially here in the United States where it appears (daily) that our moral compass is no longer effective. From homosexual marriage, to transgender restroom rights, from questionable political candidates, to states losing their rights. The list could go on and on, but I’ll get to my original point.

When we read these verses of Jesus and his final words, it leaves us with the hope that there has to be more than just a closing statement or a simple goodbye. When reading the entire scripture concerning the crucifixion we have to remember that Glory Follows Order and there is an order to what is taking place.

Until the 9th Hour

* The veil is torn (not for us to go in, but for God to come out from behind the veil)

* With a Loud Voice, there is the declaration of the prophecy from David found in Psalm 31:1-5

* The praise of the Centurion

Why the 9th Hour? Why Until?

The Number 9 can signify being surrounded. It also speaks of God’s visitation as it is a Hebrew picture of God as an investigator “visiting” a person, a city, or a nation to expose the hearts, gather evidence, and to see firsthand as t were, the truth of a matter. It is like a divine court case where the evidence is uncovered and presented to the judge for judgment.


The Greek word for Comforter is parakletos, which means an intercessor, an advocate, or helper in a court of law. Ultimately being a defense attorney as one who knows the law and can show sinners the lawful way to avoid God’s judgment. It’s important to remember that on the Day of Atonement was a day of potential forgiveness of sin, as it was a day of judgment. It’s the work of the Comforter (Holy Spirit) to discern, judge, and convict men of sin according to the evidence. The Comforter is our defense attorney to the Believer, but a witness against the unbeliever. The Greek verb translated “Convict” is elengkos. The noun form is elegmos, which means “Proof or Evidence”. So the verb means to convict or judge according to the evidence that has been gathered during the time of visitation, or investigation. For the world in general (unbelievers) the evidence will convict them of sin, but for the believer the evidence will show proof (or lack of) of righteousness.

According to Psalm 22:12 we know that the Bulls of Bashan (demonic spirits, not actual bulls) were surrounding the cross. With that happening, let us remember that there were also present, The Crowd of Witnesses, The Roman Soldiers, and The Pharisees…Nice Courtroom isn’t it!

Kairos Timing

* The 9th time that the name of Abraham appears it is found in Gen. 17:24 where the circumcision of the flesh foreshadowed the circumcision of the heart as the work of Holy Spirit judging the flesh.

* Abraham was 99 when this promise was given to him…99 indicates agreement with God.

* The numeric value of the Hebrew word for AMEN is 99…that’s why Amen is spoke as agreement with what has been said or done.

* 99 portrays the judgment and work of Holy Spirit in our lives in order to bring us into full agreement with God.

God is a God of Order and at this moment Jesus is the very identity of Sin as a man that must face judgment. Jesus as Sin would be brought before The Prosecution, The Witness Stand, The Visitation, and finally The Verdict (Luke 23:47). There is a courtroom still till this day in which we are a part of. It is our responsibility not only to go back and forth in our appeals to the courts of Heaven, but also as Centurion declared He was Holy, we are expected to release the Verdict as well!

You see, there was a moment that everything shifted for mankind, but it could not be “Until the 9th Hour”. I strongly believe that the manifestations that we now seeing across the land through Revivals are a type and shadow of The Visitation (9th Hour) for this Kairos Time! It’s the 9th Hour and Holy Spirit is moving. We are on the verge of an Awakening that will sound The Declaration of The Verdict that HE is HOLY! Yes judgment is coming, it is happening. However it’s beginning within the House of the LORD first. We are anticipating the judgment of the wicked, but Holy Spirit is beginning with those who know HIM first! Because of Holy Spirit (Comforter), HE is cleaning house and Revival is being birthed due to genuine repentance. As a direct result of repentance, we will continue to see entire communities/regions transformed due to the evidence of HIS Presence!

We cannot afford to keep buying into the doom that is way to often professed to come as a sign that God is so angry at us, there is no way we will ever see Revival, much less an Awakening. It’s not happening because we have or did not get the right political candidate. It’s not happening because we haven’t done our part in the political decisions. It’s not happening because we attend the largest church or live in the biggest house. It’s not happening because we are simply Americans. It’s going to, and it is happening because we have been witnessing the shift of the 9th Hour! There is a work that only Holy Spirit can do…and HE is doing it! It’s time for us as Sons & Daughers of God to be the 99 (Sheep) of Agreement with God. Regardless of what man or Satan has planned against the Body of Christ, God has a greater plan. Revival, Awakening, Reformation…It’s the Perfect Time!